Who Are We?

Strong as MANY. Powerful as ONE. That's the ARM difference.

In 1969, a farsighted independent agent in Indianapolis recognized that the mass marketing of commercial insurance to members of trade associations and professional organizations could be improved by being handled locally. He believed dedicated independent insurance agencies that worked together would better serve the consumer and provide exceptional benefits to the association sponsoring the program.

Wayne W. Hoffman envisioned a marketing organization, owned by a select group of independent agencies, which would work together to develop and market insurance programs in Indiana. The organization was formed and began operations in 1970.

From that beginning, ARM has developed into an international organization with ARM Members in twenty-three states. Each Member Group has an Executive Director who works on behalf of the agency owners to develop marketing opportunities for the affiliated agents.

As new State Member Groups formed, other benefits of ARM were evident. The consolidation of business in a state or region with interested insurance companies became a reality. Operating Managing General Agency, to offer agencies access to new markets and/or programs was inevitable. Many other ideas and innovations are put into practice daily to ensure that ARM maintains its leadership position in the industry.

Today the ARM Network is around 200 independent agencies, employs more than 4000 licensed professionals located in more than twenty states. Members generate over $4.5 billion in property and casualty premiums, because of the strength of our members ARM is considered one of the most dynamic sales organizations in the market place.

ARM is an association of independent insurance agencies and brokers who know that by working together they can accomplish more collectively than they could individually. This is what the ARM CONCEPT is all about!