Our Members say...

"Our agency has written insurance for a number of public school districts in our immediate area for over 35 years. This market had tightened up in early 2000, and some of the carriers used in the past were beginning to exit the school insurance market. Because of my membership in ARM of Illinois, I was introduced to experienced public entity insurance people who, along with myself and other members of ARM of IL, put together an insurance cooperative designed specifically for public school districts in central and southern Illinois. It couldn?t have happened at a better time. In 2006, the Prairie State Insurance Cooperative (PSIC) began, and I was able to bring every one of our existing school district clients into this rock-solid program that provided coverages more enhanced and more comprehensive than these clients had before. Without PSIC and ARM of Illinois, I may have eventually lost most, if not all, of these longtime clients of the agency. Viva the PSIC and ARM of Illinois!"

Dan C. Imming

Imming Insurance Agency

Carlyle, Illinois


 "After spending my career with a large regional independent insurance agency and then a national broker, I was used to having extensive carrier resources and markets as well as product expertise available at all times. In other words, a strong Marketing department! In addition, the agency had an excellent finance arrangement for clients when needed along with terrific terms. Finally, due to our partnership with a national agents organization, we had a strong networking group across the country which provided ongoing idea exchange and assistance in account placement in any state needed. 

Of course, as a new start-up agency, that broad array of services and products was not available to us until I received a call from Dick Simmons, Executive Director of ARM Virginia, asking to discuss ARM International with me.  ARM was exactly what our Agency needed as we began to grow.  The market expertise and product availability provided by the strategic partnership with Gallagher/RPS has allowed us to have our own strong marketing department. Recent placements include Aviation Products Liability as well as Cyber Liability with the help of skilled associates at RPS. When financing is needed for our clients, ARMFICO gives us excellent terms and the response time is immediate. Plus, we are rewarded based on the ARMFICO relationship and the amount of business placed. Finally, the ARM Annual Conference and our interim meetings with the Gallagher folks provide wonderful opportunities for networking and idea exchange. Gallagher is a more than generous host of meetings and allows us the opportunity to converse with their top team of insurance professionals. 


ARM International has been the perfect fit for Hottle and Associates and has filled many needs."


Priscilla G. Hottle, President

Hottle and Associates

Warrenton, VA  



"Legitimately embracing our partnership with ARM has brought a renewed excitement to the agency. Opportunities that have not been called on in years (or ever) are being called on by our producers who feel empowered to think creatively. ARM brings excellent educational opportunities, as well as strong carrier and wholesale relationships to the table enabling us to provide smart, confident solutions to any Risk Manager. Combo the previous points with the robust network of intelligent allied agencies and enhanced revenue opportunities and the partnership is a WIN for ARM, a WIN for you, and a WIN for your customer."

Russ DaviesAndres O'Neil & Lowe Agency - Bryan, Ohio

"We have been ARM members for 21 years. We originally joined when we were a smaller agency relative to our competitors and were looking for a competitive advantage to help us differentiate ourselves. We were impressed by the agents that were members and wanted to be a part of a group that would help us improve our knowledge and expertise along with having access to additional markets."

"ARM has fulfilled these needs very well for us. The increased product knowledge and understanding of the insurance marketplace have probably been the major benefits to us and of course the additional revenue opportunities generated by enhanced commissions available through ARM have been very beneficial."

"ARM has impacted our business in a very positive way by making us more knowledgeable about exposures, coverage and markets. This global perspective of our industry translates into a more confident approach to larger accounts and helps us write and retain business."

"The thing I like best about ARM is the diversity of our member agents. There is so much talent collectively assembled within the ARM group, the State Executives and our Partners at Arthur J. Gallagher and Co. that we feel we really have a competitive advantage in what we can deliver."

"I would tell any agent considering ARM membership that ARM creates a unique opportunity to broaden your knowledge, increase market access and develop solid revenue opportunities without having to give up your independence. It's a great deal."

Larry Johnson, VP, Universal Insurance Agency, Edmond, Oklahoma

"The ARMFiCo premium finance product offer's competitive premium financing and generates revenue." 

"ARM Partnerships with Insurance Companies and vendors gives our Agents advantages unavailable to an individual Agency."

"ARM makes our Agents more competitive ~ IT PAYS TO BE AN ARM AGENT!"

John McLaughlin - ARM Northeast - NY, CT, NJ, MA

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"The partnership between ARM and Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. gives us a unique opportunity to be competitive no matter the risk type and size."