ARM - Associated Risk Managers
Is an ARM membership right for your agency?
Here are some of the benefits our members enjoy

What We Offer

  • Complete Independence

    Your name, your contracts and most importantly, your business operations remain independent of ARM. 
  • Powerful Partnerships

    Your agency benefits from ARM Partners, our unique business relationship with Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. that gives you preferred access to the resources and business divisions of one of the world's largest insurance brokers.
  • Fully Integrated Communications Technology Platform

    Your agency can quickly access the breadth of the ARM network, including products, resources, and expert advice.
  • Local and Regional Support

    ARM goes where you are. The ARM family of regional and state chapters foster programs and products that fit your customers' needs.
  • ARM-Exclusive Programs and Products

    You receive access to hundreds of storefronts, thousands of sales professionals, and a wide network of expertise from our thoroughly vetted member agencies.
  • Improved Business Growth

    You can tap into larger markets, expand into new product areas, and increase the value you bring to your customers.
  • A Role in Shaping ARM Agenda

    As a member, you are invited to participate through meetings, committees, and networking events to help drive the objectives of ARM, making it truly an association that serves you.