Is an ARM membership right for your agency?
Here are some of the benefits our members enjoy

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There are a number of ways to join ARM:

1. To join an existing ARM Chapter, contact the Regional Executive Directors.

2. To become an unallied Affiliated Member, read below* and complete the Application Form.

3. To learn about the national organization, ARM International (ARMI), contact Barb Amft.

No Chapter Near You?

To Start a Chapter with a group of agencies, make an application to the ARMI Board of Directors. Once approved, we will help you set up the group as a for-profit corporation using the name ARM. ARM International will provide support in establishing your chapter, including the option of aligning with an existing region or establishing a stand-alone chapter.

For more information on starting an ARM chapter or about Unallied Membership, contact: Craig Payan.

*Affiliated Membership: In the absence of an existing ARMI Shareholder Region, or a viable opportunity to enroll as an ARMI Shareholder, unallied Affiliated Membership is available. To be considered for unallied Affiliated Membership, an agency must:
  1. Complete and submit an Affiliated Membership Application;
  2. Be approved by the ARMI Board of Directors;
  3. Pay annual dues of $365;
  4. Sign and return an unallied Member Agreement;
  5. Agree to send one or more agency representatives to the next ARM Conference;
  6. Commit to provide carrier, premium volumes, loss ratios and other relevant agency information when requested;
  7. Agree to meet with ARM product and program vendors to determine marketing and revenue opportunities.
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