Is an ARM membership right for your agency?
Here are some of the benefits our members enjoy.

ARM is Your Leadership Partner

Since 1970, we have brought the strength of a national network of member agencies together with the exclusive programs and products that help our members compete.

With over 200 agency members producing over $4.5 billion in annual premium, ARM is a successful network of knowledge, expertise and resources.

How our Members Benefit

Member-Designed and Regional Programs:  We deliver the product offerings and expanded customer markets that you ask for;

State and Regional Leadership:  ARM is operated by members for members through the efforts of each region and state.  ARM works for its members based on what the membership designate;

ARM Partnerships:  Our special affiliation with our partners help us bring you the products and services your customers want. 

ARMI National Board of Directors

From Left to Right – Ed Morgan – Director, Seth Reedy – Director, Terry Quested – Representative for State Exec’s, Jim Egan – Secretary, Brenda Case – Treasurer, Albert Betz – Vice-Chairman, Mary Pursell – Chairman, Barb Amft – Asst. Secretary/Treasurer

ARMI Regional Executive Directors

From Left to Right – John McLaughlin – North East, Danny Gleason – ARM South, Terry Quested – OH and KY, Kelly McLemore – ARM Mid America, Craig Payan – Illinois and Dick Simmons – Virginia and North Carolina – Not Pictured – Meredith Rominger – Georgia

Our Mission

To Create marketing opportunities, business tools and networking platforms for affiliated agencies;

To Provide programs for affiliated agencies to grow and enhance revenue or reduce expenses;

To Undertake business with our vendor partners demonstrating impeccable trustworthiness while helping them enhance their revenue and profits;

To Support our members efforts to serve their insurance agency clients in a professional and efficient manner;

To Work Together to keep Independent Agencies independent.