Is an ARM membership right for your agency?
Here are some of the benefits our members enjoy.

ARM is Your Leadership Partner

Since 1970, we have brought the strength of a national network of member agencies together with the exclusive programs and products that help our members compete.

With over 200 agency members producing over $4.5 billion in annual premium, ARM is a successful network of knowledge, expertise and resources.

How our Members Benefit

Member-Designed and Regional Programs:  We deliver the product offerings and expanded customer markets that you ask for;

State and Regional Leadership:  ARM is operated by members for members through the efforts of each region and state.  ARM works for its members based on what the membership designate;

ARM Partnerships:  Our special affiliation with our partners help us bring you the products and services your customers want. 

ARMI Board of Directors

ARMI Board of Directors

Jim Egan (Secretary), Matt Metzger (Director), Gary Semmer (Director), Mary Pursell (Chairman), Terry Quested (Director), Doug Buckles (Director), Brenda Case (Treasurer), Greg Easley (back) (Post Chairman), Albert Betz (Vice-Chairman)

ARMI Regional Executive Directors

ARMI Regional Executive Directors

Left to Right – Charlie Chilcoat (MD), Craig Payan (IL), Dick Simmons (VA & NC), Kelly McLemore (ARM Mid America), Terry Quested (OH), Dan Gleason (ARM South), John McLaughlin (ARM Northeast) Not pictured – Meredith Rominger (GA)

Our Mission

To Create marketing opportunities, business tools and networking platforms for affiliated agencies;

To Provide programs for affiliated agencies to grow and enhance revenue or reduce expenses;

To Undertake business with our vendor partners demonstrating impeccable trustworthiness while helping them enhance their revenue and profits;

To Support our members efforts to serve their insurance agency clients in a professional and efficient manner;

To Work Together to keep Independent Agencies independent.

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