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Personality Profiling

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Their goals


Personal control


Social Influence


Stable Relationships





Wants quick results. Action; getting things



Innovation. Ideas, long-range thinker.


Human interaction.



Systematic inquiry. Logic & analysis.




Assertive, directional, results- oriented. Bases opinion on their


Original, imaginative, idealistic.

Intellectually tenacious.

Cooperative, empathetic, persuasive. Grasps traditional values.

Deliberate, prudent, weights alternatives.

Objective & rational.



Acts first then thinks. Needs to listen.

Scattered, disorganized & often impractical.

Needs to organize.

Slow to change. Over-personalizes. Needs to stretch.

Indecisive, overly cautious, over analyzes. Needs

to decide.


On The Phone

Abrupt, to the point.


Wordy & optimistic.

Warm & friendly, sometimes too much.

Ordered, measured & businesslike.


Basis for Buying

What product/ service does for them.


Who is using your product/service?

How your product/ service will help stabilize conditions

for them.

Why your product/ service is a logical investment for



Strategy for selling

The potential results of the product/ service.

The product/ service “appeal to people”.

The support provided by the product/ service.

The “track record of the product/ service.






May want: Security, no sudden changes, personal attention, little responsibility, exact job descriptions, controlled work environment, status quo, reassurance, to be an observer in a group.


Take: time to prepare your case in advance.


Provide: straight pros and cons of ideas.


Support: ideas with accurate data.


Provide: reassurance that no surprises will occur.


Offer: exact description with precise explanation of how it fits into the big picture.


Give: step by step approach to a goal.


If: agreeing, be specific.


If: disagreeing, disagree with facts, not the person.


Be: prepared to provide many explanations in a patient, persistent manner.


Expect: it to take time.


May want: Authority, challenges, prestige, freedom, varied activity, difficult assignments, logical approach, opportunity to advance.


Provide: direct answers. Be brief and to the point.


Ask: “What” questions; not how.


Stick: to business.


Outline: possibilities for person to get results; solve problems; to be in charge.


Stress: logic of ideas or approaches


When: in agreement, agree with facts & ideas, not person or feelings.


If: timelines or sanctions exist, get them into the open but relate them to end results or goal.


Be: firm, clear, specific.


Okay: to challenge in an inquisitive non-threatening manner.




May want: Status quo, security of a situation, time to adjust, appreciation, identification with a group, work pattern, limited territory, area of specialization.


Provide: a sincere, personal, and agreeable environment.


Be: genuine about your interest in them as a person.


Ask: “How” questions to get their opinions.


Be: patient in drawing them out.


Present: information in a non-threatening manner. Clearly: define roles or goals and their place in the plan. Provide: personal assurances of support.

Emphasize: how their actions will minimize their risk.

May want: Social recognition, popularity, people to talk to, freedom of speech, freedom from control and detail, favorable working conditions, recognition, to help others, chance to motivate people.


Provide: favorable, friendly environment.


Provide: chance for them to verbalize about ideas, people and their intuition.


You: provide ideas for transferring talk into action,


Give: testimonials of experts on ideas


Offer: details in writing but don’t dwell on them.


Provide: democratic relationship.


Encourage: incentives on taking on tasks.


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